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Bands of the Secwepemc Nation

Map of the Secwepemc nation bands

Present Day reserves

The smallpox epidemic of the 1800's, 1862, killed so many of the Secwepemc people that many bands were entirely wiped out. At least eleven bands were entirely eliminated. Present day reserves are returning to their original names. Both are given here as reference points.

  1. Sexqeltqin
    Adams Lake reserve in Chase, B. C.
  2. St’uxtews
    Bonaparte reserve near Cache Creek, B. C.
  3. Tsq’escen
    Canim Lake reserve, near 100 Mile House, B. C.
  4. Stswecemc
    Canoe Creek reserve
  5. Xgat’temc
    Dog Creek reserve
  6. Esk’et
    Alkali Lake reserve
  7. Llenlleney’ten
    High Bar
  8. Tk'emlups
    Kamloops Indian Reserve
  9. Qw7ewt
    Little Shuswap reserve near Chase BC
  10. Sk'etsin
    Neskonlith reserve on the north side of the river, near Chase, BC
  11. Sk’etsin
    Neskonlith reserve on the north side of the river, near Chase, B. C.
  12. Simpcw
    Chu Chua reserve, near Barriere, B. C.
  13. Tsk’weylecw
    Pavillon reserve
  14. Kenpesq’t
    Shuswap reserve near Invermere, B. C.
  15. Skitsestn
    Deadman’s Creek reserve near Savona, B. C.
  16. Xats’ull
    Soda Creek reserve near Williams Lake
  17. Splatsin
    Enderby reserve
  18. T’exelc
    William’s Lake reserve near Williams Lake, B C.
  19. Pelltiqt
    Clinton reserve near Clinton, B. C.

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